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EpiCoder™ from YEI Healthcare is a complete outpatient medical coding software solution, offering the medical coding professional a full suite of coding tools including diagnosis codes, CPT code lookup, Correct Coding Initiative resources, and built-in references across all medical coding specialities. As a web-based package requiring no software installation, it is the ideal medical coding software choice for busy hospitals looking for a streamlined medical coding solution as well as remote medical coders working from home.

Personalized Coding

Every coder works differently. So we've made it easy to customize EpiCoder™ to how you work best. Customize your work flow so the coding elements you use most are right at your fingertips all while keeping a library of extensive medical coding resources within easy reach. The ability to save frequently used procedure codes and diagnosis codes and notes for quick reference saves you valuable time, while your personal dashboard keeps the information you use most in view.

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Accuracy Counts

EpiCoder™ was designed by medical coders for medical coders taking into consideration their medical coding software needs. Each policy and code is reviewed from its original source by our nationally certified coders and updated daily to make sure you have the most correct and current information available. And if you have a question or concern, unlimited toll-free support is included in every subscription.

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Complete Information

With YEI Intelligent Search™, you can search by category, keyword, ICD-9 or diagnosis code, acronym, synonym, abbreviation, eponym, related term, and more. Or use our cross-referenced index for fast medical coding. One-click review of related and similar medical codes ensures you've got the right one. Instantly view proper usage guidelines, your Medicare carrier's rules, RVUs, fee schedules, and correct coding edits. EpiCoder™ even includes a medical dictionary so you can find the information you need without ever having to leave your work.

  • DRG / MDC / APC
  • Proper usage flags
  • Medicare carrier rules
  • Relative Value Units (RVUs), Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
  • National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI edits)
  • CPT Modifiers, Global Surgery Modifiers, etc.
  • Place of service
  • Primary / Secondary procedure codes
  • Add-on codes
  • Medical necessity (NCD, LCD)
  • ICD-9 / Diagnosis codes
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 annotated crosswalk
  • Effective and termination dates down to the diagnosis level
  • Links to the original sources included with every policy

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